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Take Life by the Handlebars!

Come Ride with Us! Membership Not Required

Come try out one of our rides. It is not necessary to be a member to join in on one of our rides. If you enjoy riding with the Club, we would certainly welcome your membership, however! We can help you with great rides and routes that will increase your skill and confidence. Enjoy the social aspect of club riding as we help you reach your cycling goals while exploring our metro area and beyond.

PWTC Gives to the Community

In addition to being Portland’s premiere bicycle club, PWTC promotes cycling in youth and in the community by giving to several non-profits and donating time to such organizations as the Community Cycling Center, the Northwest Bicycle Safety Council (providing helmets for kids), the Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway, and the Street Trust (formerly BTA).


February 2018 Top Talk

This past Sunday, the club held its annual awards banquet, and we had a great turnout with somewhat north of 130 + attendees. We even had to set up an extra table for a few club members who decided to come at the last minute. As evidenced by the level ...

January 2018 Top Talk

The Awards Banquet is coming up at the end of this month on the 28th. We will all face a significant challenge: to see if we can recognize our fellow bike riders in street clothes without their riding kit and bike helmets. (Please refrain from saying “Hey, I didn’t recognize ...

December 2017 Top Talk

It’s almost the end of 2017, and as I reflect on the last year, I see it has many attributes: instructive, fun, challenging but overall, rewarding.  Looking back, there are several highlights that come to mind:  our ability and willingness to offer a ride every day of the year; our ...

November 2017 Top Talk

I am always impressed by athletes who continue to perform at exceptional levels even as they age.  Perhaps the most prestigious record in all of cycling is the Hour Record.  This record is for the longest distance cycled in one hour on a bicycle from a stationary start. Cyclists attempt ...

October 2017 Top Talk

The reason our club functions as well as it does is due to those who willingly volunteer their time and talents.  We depend on these individuals and, in turn, the entire membership benefits.   There are ride leaders who plan, organize and lead regular rides; others that coordinate our major events; ...

September 2017 Top Talk

This past month has been an active one for club members with many opportunities for participation. To begin, the normal, regularly scheduled club rides have seen increased attendance now that the weather is favorable. Ride leaders are reporting large turnouts at their rides, with many having 30+ riders!   Pretty impressive!   ...

August 2017 Top Talk

As I mentioned in last month’s Top Talk, one of the characteristics of this club that makes me proud is how willing you, the club members, are to volunteer and to serve in whatever capacity is needed.   Once again, you stepped up to help staff the Finish Line of the ...

July 2017 Top Talk

One of the characteristics of this club that makes me proud is how willing you, the club members, are to volunteer and to serve in whatever capacity is needed. It is gratifying to see so many turn up, smile, ask what else can they do and be a significant, contributing ...

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