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by Sharon Fekety

The road near SAFEWAY, on N. Jantzen Ave. on Hayden Island, which is a popular bike route across the  I-5 BRIDGE to Vancouver, has recently been repaved.  Or as Bob Link says,” heading over to the I-5 bridge, that nasty piece of road that wraps around the Safeway has been repaved- not patched, not chip sealed, but smoothly repaved. It's one of the smoothest 1/4 mile roads around”.

Apparently cyclists complained enough about the “atrocious”, “useless” and “inadequate” bicycle wheel gutter on the stairs (over 100) of the new GIBBS ST. BRIDGE near the bottom of the tram in South Waterfront.  PBOT is actually going to do something about it.  They have decided to revamp and improve bike access on the stairs.  Spokesman Dan Anderson says the final design, not decided upon as yet, will be a major improvement.  It’s supposed to be completed by this fall.  Pushing the complaints is the fact that the elevator, which is great when it works, has been out of service five times since the bridge opened in July, this latest time for the past two weeks. 

Cyclists have also been complaining about the NORTH END OF THE MOODY CYCLE TRACK, where you have to cross back over to a bike lane on the east side of Moody at Sheridan St.  The traffic light can be as long as three minutes.  Apparently this is temporary and Brian Newman, Head of Campus Planning for OHSU says “TriMet will actually be extending the cycle track north of where it now ends at Sheridan St. as part of their light rail construction.  The new bike path will be below the elevated light rail tracks just west of the sub station (the former Willamette Shore Trolley right-of-way).  The bike path will then cross River Parkway and end at Harbor Way next to the Riverplace Athletic Club.  PBOT has added sharrows to Harbor Way in anticipation of the new path.  Once the bike path opens, fewer cyclists will need to cross Moody a second time at Sheridan St. as most will choose to continue northbound on the new path.”  The Milwaukie Light Rail is scheduled to open in 2015.

A new path on the western end of the SELLWOOD BRIDGE has recently been completed.  It will be in place for about a year as the bridge in rebuilt over the next three years. As you head west on the bridge sidewalk, it transitions into a curb-protected, narrow paved path separated but next to Highway 43.  This path leads down to a corkscrew ramp.  You can continue to Lake Oswego or Riverview Cemetery or make a sharp, hairpin turn to go north toward Portland.  The path is narrow and downhill from the bridge, so watch out for two-way traffic.  But it is an improvement, although temporary. 

ODOT has plans to build a new undercrossing on the I-205 BIKE PATH AT SE DIVISION ST.  This path will provide an alternative route under SE Division in addition to the existing street crossing.  At the same time PBOT plans to install a new rapid-flashing beacon at the existing street grade crossing.  The funding is part of TriMet’s MAX Green Line construction.  Expect construction later this year.