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by President Ann Morrow

Are you as flabbergasted as I am that it’s the end of another year?  I know we say this at the end of every year, but it’s always amazing the way time goes zooming by.

Where do you want to see your bike club going in the New Year?  I think we are doing well but new ideas are always welcome. Talk to any Board member. If you think our ride schedule is lacking in some way, please take the initiative to lead the kind of rides you think the Club needs to fill out its calendar and appeal to more riders.

Let me take this opportunity to discuss something else with you.  What should the Club do with errant riders? That is, what if someone, a PWTC member, is on our Club ride and is not a law abiding rider?  Maybe they run stop signs - I mean blow through them - or maybe they refuse to pull to the right when you yell, “Car back!”  What should our Club policy be?

I think as a club we want to be known as law abiding, not rogue riders. We want riders to be safe. That is why we require helmets, although legally we adults aren’t required to wear them. We don’t want to risk the integrity of the entire Club in order to allow a few to ride however they want. We carry liability insurance but don’t want a claim made against us for some negligent rider. 

I don’t think we can tolerate blatant disregard for the law or for the safety of others. While a ride leader cannot be all places at all times, and may not observe all riders, he or she should take action if made aware of a problem. We should talk to riders who are struggling with obeying the laws - as members in general or as a ride leader. If the bad behavior continues, these riders should be asked to leave the ride. I believe in warnings and discussion first but, if your requests for better behavior fall on deaf ears, then ask them to leave until they can modify their behavior to conform to the law.

This is difficult.  I don’t like the idea of asking anyone to leave a Club ride. However, I think the greater good of the Club depends on a zero tolerance for reckless and/or illegal ride practices. I welcome your input and we will discuss this as a Board, but those are my thoughts.

On a more positive note, I hope you will all join in on New Year’s Day for our first ride of the year. Tradition has the Club president leading the ride, and it’s a group ride, relatively flat, and not too long (it’s usually pretty cold!). Please plan to get in a little ride with us in 2013. It’s a wonderful tradition.

Happy New Year!  Let’s make it another great year for PWTC.