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by President Ann Morrow

Thanks to the great crowd we had at our December club meeting who voted to allow me to serve once again as your club President. I am going to limit my run to three years so this is my last year at this. I appreciate the opportunity to remain on the board and work with all of you on various projects. So here we are again, facing down another year of great cycling with the Wheelmen. I know many of you are already making plans for fun riding. The smart ones that go to Tucson during the cold and wet here come to mind. Others of us are planning a little farther out for some good summer rides. It’s not too soon to set some goals for your riding season and start working toward them. Even if you are an avid rider you may want to be able to climb better or ride further with more confidence. Your club will accommodate you with lots of rides to help you train. You can get hints and guidance from more experienced riders to help you improve.

One great goal to set is our own PIONEER CENTURY. I am a big believer that if you plan to do STP (Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic) you should plan on riding the full century of the PIONEER as not only a training ride but a good gauge for where you’re at as you try to achieve your goal. If STP and centuries are not your ambition PIONEER has numerous routes and you can pick one. Even if you are a new rider you can set your sights on one of those shorter routes and start your training! It’s a great experience to ride in an event ride like PIONEER and enjoy the energy of riding with a bunch of other cyclists.

We had a great time last year on Salem Bicycle Club’s Monster Cookie ride. Let’s do that again this year. On April 28 let’s all go down to Salem for their Monster Cookie Ride. It’s a challenge from your club president to set this flat metric century as a club goal to have as many club members as possible wearing our club colors and sharing in this great ride. I will try to get some money out of the board to offer as an incentive - a raffle for club wear again. Go to for more information. You will need to register to participate in the ride and if you want lunch at Champoeg Park you can purchase that as well. Put it on your calendar and let’s start training for it. I hope to see you all at the annual banquet at the end of the month. Have a safe year of riding in 2013.