Leaves at 10:00 AM from Jessie Mays Park in North Plains (take exit 57 from Hwy 26—go north on Glencoe Rd 0.5 mi—left on Hillcrest St—park is on right.) The destination is Maggie’s Buns in Forest Grove for a coffee/snack break. Distance 38 miles. Much of this ride is flat rural roads on the Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway. Traffic is very low. Re-group ride with an average of 16-17 mph. Cancellations: If the ride needs to be cancelled for any reason I will post a message at http://www.jazzstandards.com/CurrentRideInfo.htm before 6PM the previous evening. Ride pace details: Some of the riders may ride faster than the above mentioned pace but we will happily regroup every 5 miles for anyone who can ride 16 mph on the flat. If you ride slower you are very welcome to attend but may want to print a cue sheet if you do not know the route.

Start Date: 
February 2, 2017 - 10:00am
Route Map/Cue Sheet: 
30975 NW Hillcrest St North Plains, OR 97133
Ride Terrain: 
Ride Terrain: 
Ride Pace: 
Ride Leader: 
Jeremy Wilson, 503-432-0050
Start Location: