Heritage Tree Ride


Like big trees? Come join us as we travel mostly on ‘Green Streets” in NE, SE and N Portland to check out about a dozen of Portland’s Heritage trees. This is a group ride, but a detailed map and a list of addresses will be provided. Although the ride is approximately 22 miles, anticipate that it will take slightly longer than a typical 22-mile PWTC ride because we will pause at each tree to check out what makes it special. We'll stop along the route for a snack. This ride is almost identical to the one from August of last year (2016), but 8 miles shorter (A North Portland cluster of 3 oak trees will not be included). Light rain or mist is a go, but heavy rain cancels. Call or text ahead if uncertain. Leader: Pat McManus [email protected]; 503-309-9437. Start location: Wilshire Park, NE 36th and Skidmore


Date: Saturday September 30th, 2017
Time: 10:00 am
Type: Group
Pace: Leisurely
Length: 22 miles
Terrain: A

Start Location

NE 36th and NE Skidmore

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