Hubbard to Mt. Angel


Our destination is Leona’s Bakery and Café in Mt. Angel. Most of this ride is beautiful farm country on flat roads and traffic is very low. We will re-group every 5 miles, riding in two speed groups: Scenic at 15-16 mph, and Brisk at 17-19 mph. Scenic riders: This year we want to build a core group at the Scenic level. In the interim, if you can keep a pace of at least 15 mph and are the only one in the Scenic group, someone from the Brisk group will happily ride with you. If you ride slower than 15 mph you are very welcome to attend but please print a cue sheet if you are unfamiliar with the route.


Date: Saturday February 17th, 2018
Time: 9:30 am
Type: Re-Group
Pace: Moderate
Distance: 42 miles
Terrain: B

Start Location

2600 D St, Hubbard, OR 97032, USA

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