Saturday Morning Medley


Leaves from Wilshire Park at NE 36th and Skidmore. Multiple difficulties depending on which route you take. Many options will be offered. Join the ride leader for the "ride du jour" or pick a ride of your choice. Maps include the relatively flat 35-mile Kelly Point/Two Bridge Loop, Lacamas Lake Loop, West Hills, and a variety of in-town routes. NOTE: Ride may not be offered every Saturday, so check online calendar. Ride leaders are currently rotating : Mark Hartel - 1st Saturday, Alan Mevis - 2nd Saturday, Kathleen Hellem - 3rd Saturday, Kimberly Morehead - 4th Saturday, Sue Sands - 5th Saturday.


Date: Saturday December 30th, 2017
Time: 9:30 am
Type: Non-Group
Pace: Moderate
Distance: 25 - 50 miles
Terrain: B, C
Maps: No maps available

Start Location

NE Skidmore and 36th St, Portland OR

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