PWTC Gives to SnowCap

A heartfelt thank you to all our members who generously donated food, clothing, egg-cartons, and can openers when we gathered at our December Club Meeting. The crew at SnowCap’s drop-off station was so appreciative of the 46 lbs of food, 58 lbs of clothing and, astounded at the 15 lbs of egg-cartons (thank you, Arden, for your stellar collection of 4 bags of cartons!).  We learned they had just run out of egg-cartons on Wednesday, so our contribution was more than warmly received! Our members also provided the non-profit with $3,200 in cash donations, which converts to 100 lbs of food for every $5 donated. Kudos to everyone!!! May you all have a wonderful holiday and prosper in 2019.

Joan Cullen & Dave Ek