Website Tips


Have you missed Patrick’s app for the PWTC ride schedule on your smartphone since we went to the new website? Well, it’s easy to install an icon on your home screen that does the same thing.

For iPhones, bring up Safari and search for the PWTC website. Then navigate to the ride calendar going to the menu item Rides/Calendar or by scrolling down below the upcoming six rides and clicking on More Rides. Once you have the calendar on your screen, press that little box with the arrow at the bottom of your screen. One of the options will be a square with a + sign that reads Add to Home Screen. On the next screen you can change the name of your icon to PWTC or Rides or whatever you like.

For Android phones, it’s slightly different. Go to Chrome. Find the PWTC website. Use the menu to go to the calendar or scroll down to More Rides. Press the three upright dots at the right of the screen, and when you see the menu, go to Add to Home Screen. When you get to the next screen, you can change the name to PWTC or Rides or whatever you like and press add. Voila!